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Ted Gruber Software, Inc. Announces Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows

July 1, 2000 Las Vegas, NV. Ted Gruber Software, Inc. announces the release of version 6.0 of the powerful Fastgraph for Windows graphics library. The new Fastgraph includes a comprehensive set of 3D functions suitable for writing a 3D game engine.

"We are very excited about the new version of Fastgraph" reports Senior Programmer Diana Gruber. "This is our first major release in more than two years. We are particularly pleased with the speed of our software rendering. Our preliminary benchmarks show our rendering is up to 1000% faster than Direct3D software rendering. In addition, our software is much more reliable than Direct3D, which failed on many of the systems we tested."

New features in Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows include:

  • Extensive 3D support.
  • High-speed rendering available through both software and hardware.
  • Optional support for DirectDraw and Direct3D.
  • Image processing functionality including alpha blending, gamma correction, photo inversion, and more.
  • Support for reading and writing AVI files.
In all, there are more than 340 functions in Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows.

About Fastgraph

The Fastgraph graphics library provides the developer with a suite of low-level graphics functions, providing the ability to easily handle common tasks such as bitmaps, blitting, graphics primitives, animation techniques, colors, fonts, and image file display. It is written in hand-optimized assembly language. Hundreds of games and graphic applications have been written with Fastgraph. Fastgraph for Windows sells for $299. A shareware version will be available soon.

About Ted Gruber Software

Ted Gruber Software is a privately-held corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been contunuously working on Fastgraph development since 1987. In addition, they have released a number of games, utilities, books, tutorials, and web sites for the benefit of game developers and graphics programmers.

For more information, orders, and technical support, visit the Fastgraph web site at http://www.fastgraph.com.

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