Direct3D Interface

Direct3D is a component of DirectX that provides hardware acceleration for 3D operations. Programs linked with Fastgraph's DirectX libraries can optionally use Direct3D immediate mode for polygon rendering and other 3D tasks (immediate mode is the Direct3D low-level interface that provides direct access to a video card's 3D features). Direct3D programs created with Fastgraph use the same 3D functions as Fastgraph DirectDraw programs and programs created with Fastgraph's native libraries, so you can easily see what 3D scheme works best in the context of your own applications. In this section, we'll show how to add Direct3D support to programs linked with Fastgraph's DirectX libraries.

Fastgraph's DirectX libraries require DirectX 5 or later if you are creating a Direct3D program. Further, if you are using Visual Basic, we recommend using Visual Basic 5 or later when creating Direct3D applications with Fastgraph.

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