Our First Fastgraph for Windows Program

We'll now present our first Fastgraph for Windows example program. This first example essentially illustrates the "bare minimum" requirements for programs created with Fastgraph. It performs these functions:

  • Creates and displays a resizable window

  • Sets up a device context for the window's client area

  • Sets up a logical palette

  • Sets up a 256-color virtual buffer

  • Fills the virtual buffer with blue pixels

  • Displays the virtual buffer contents in the client area when requested

  • Keeps track of the window size

  • On exit, releases resources allocated or defined in the program

Rather than become bogged down now in the details of these tasks, we'll try to provide just enough discussion for a reasonable understanding of the first example.

The following sections discuss the implementation of our first example for these programming languages and compilers:

Versions of the remaining examples will be presented for C/C++ using the Windows API, C++Builder, Delphi, and Visual Basic. MFC and PowerBASIC versions are not presented in the help file, but they are copied to subdirectories of the \FGW60\Examples directory when you install Fastgraph for Visual C++ or PowerBASIC.

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