Example: QuickFire

QuickFire is a tile-based side-scrolling game written in C. The original version of QuickFire was a real mode DOS program that ran in the 320x200 "mode X" 256-color graphics mode. It was ported to Windows using a 32-bit protected mode intermediate DOS version. QuickFire is an excellent example of how to do arcade-style animation with Fastgraph.

We will not present the QuickFire source code here, but instead refer you to the on-line documentation in the QF.doc file (SETUP places this file in the QF subdirectory of the Fastgraph examples directory). A complete description of the methods and tools used to create side-scroller games may be found in Action Arcade Adventure Set by Diana Gruber (Coriolis Group Books, 1994, ISBN 1-883577-06-03). This book is now out of print, but an online version is available from http://www.makegames.com/sidescroller.

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