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void fg_3Dpolygonobject (double *xyz_array, int n);

Sub fg_3Dpolygonobject (xyz_array() As Double, ByVal n As Long)

procedure fg_3Dpolygonobject (var xyz_array : double; n : integer);


The fg_3Dpolygonobject() function draws a filled or unfilled convex polygon defined in 3D object space, with optional z-buffering and 3D clipping. Backface removal is performed unless drawing a z-buffered polygon. The polygon is drawn in 3D world space at the position and orientation specified in the most recent call to fg_3Dmoveobject() or fg_3Dsetobject().


xyz_array is the array containing the 3D object space (x,y,z) coordinates for each polygon vertex. The first three xyz_array elements represent the (x,y,z) values at the polygon's first vertex, the next three xyz_array elements are for the second vertex, and so forth.

n is the number of vertices in xyz_array.

Return value



If you attempt to fill a non-convex polygon with fg_3Dpolygonobject(), only a part of it will be filled.

See also

fg_3Dmoveobject(), fg_3Dpolygon(), fg_3Drenderstate(), fg_3Drotateobject(), fg_3Dsetobject(), fg_3Dshadeobject(), fg_3Dtexturemapobject(), fg_polyoff()


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