Win32 DirectX Fastgraph/Light


void fg_contrgb (void *values, int lower, int upper, int count);

Sub fg_contrgb (values() As Any, ByVal lower As Long, ByVal upper As Long, ByVal count As Long)

procedure fg_contrgb (var values; lower, upper, count : integer);


The fg_contrgb() function applies a contrast enhancement transform to a series of RGB color triples.


values is the name of the array containing the RGB color components, arranged as three-byte RGB triples. Each RGB color component is a value between 0 and 255; increasing values produce more intense colors. The size of the values array must be at least 3*count bytes.

lower is the lower bound. All color components below this value will be set to zero. It must be between 0 and 254.

upper is the upper bound. All color components above this value will be set to 255. It must be between 1 and 255 and greater than the lower bound.

count is the number of RGB color triples to transform.

Return value




See also

fg_contdcb(), fg_contvb()

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