Win32 DirectX Fastgraph/Light


void fg_tmspan (int npixels);

Sub fg_tmspan (ByVal npixels As Long)

procedure fg_tmspan (npixels : integer);


The fg_tmspan() function defines the span size in pixels for perspective texture mapping. The span size is the pixel interval at which the perspective texture mapping functions calculate the true u and v texture coordinates when drawing horizontal polygon rows. Smaller span sizes result in texture mapping that is more perspectively correct, but larger span sizes are faster. The default span size is 32 pixels.


npixels defines the span size in pixels. If npixels is 1, the perspective texture mapping functions will draw perspective correct texture-mapped polygons. If npixels is greater than 1, these functions will draw perspective corrected texture-mapped polygons.

Return value



This function has no effect when using Direct3D hardware acceleration or Direct3D software rendering.

See also

fg_3Dtexturemap(), fg_3Dtexturemapobject()

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