FGFedit Utility

FGFedit is an interactive font editor and conversion utility. It provides a simple, intuitive way to create new FGF files, modify existing FGF files, and import TrueType (TTF) files and save them as FGF files. Complete information about FGFedit is available through the program's on-line help facility. The FGFedit main window looks like this:

FGFedit works with both 96-character and 256-character FGF files. When you edit an existing FGF file, the edited version will normally have the same number of characters as the original FGF file. For new FGF files, and when importing TTF files that will be saved as FGF files, FGFedit normally creates 256-character font files. You can change this behavior through the "Options|256-Character Font" menu selection.

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