fgi_aviopen() (Fastgraph/Image)

Win32 DirectX Fastgraph/Light


int fgi_aviopen (char *filename, void *context, int handle);

Function fgi_aviopen (ByVal filename As String, context() As Any, handle As Long) As Long

function fgi_aviopen (filename : string; var context; handle : integer) : integer;


The fgi_aviopen() function opens an AVI file stored in an FGI library.


filename is the name of the AVI file. It may only include a file name and extension (such as CLOCK.AVI) and must be terminated by a null character (that is, a zero byte).

context is the name of a 48-byte buffer that will receive the AVI file context descriptor. The descriptor values will only be meaningful if the return value is zero.

handle is the file handle for the FGI library containing filename.

Return value

0 = Success

-1 = Error reading the FGI library

-2 = The requested file is not in the FGI library

-3 = The requested file is not an AVI file

-4 = Error initializing the AVI video stream

-5 = Error allocating memory

-6 = The codec needed for the specified AVI file is not available

-7 = Error creating or writing to a temporary file



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