FLI and FLC Files

FLI and FLC files (collectively called flic files) contain sequences of image frames that can be displayed in rapid succession to achieve the illusion of movement (this is called playing a flic file). FLI files always have a 320x200 resolution and are produced by Autodesk Animator. FLC files can have any resolution and are produced by Autodesk Animator Pro, Autodesk 3D Studio, and other applications. All FLI and FLC files contain 256-color images.

Fastgraph's flic file functions work with both FLI and FLC files in either 256-color or direct color virtual buffers. The first frame of a flic file is usually a compressed version of the entire image, while later frames are compressed versions of the differences between that frame and the previous frame. This compression scheme is often called delta compression in flic file literature.

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