You can compile and link PowerBASIC programs from the DOS command line or from the PowerBASIC IDE. The following Fastgraph dynamic link libraries are compatible with PowerBASIC:


Win32 dynamic link library


Win32 dynamic link library with DirectX support

To build Fastgraph applications in the PowerBASIC IDE, simply load the BAS source code file into the IDE and compile. To compile and link from the DOS command line, use the PBDLL command:

PBDLL <file> /I [/Q]

The path specified with the /I switch tells PowerBASIC where to search for include files. Normally this will be the \PBDLL60\Winapi directory.

For more information about compiling and linking PowerBASIC programs, please refer to the PowerBASIC User's Guide.

When you distribute a Fastgraph application created with PowerBASIC, you'll need to include the appropriate Fastgraph DLL (FGWPB32.DLL for native programs, or FGWPB32D.DLL for DirectX programs) as part of your program's distribution. Note that you may not distribute the Fastgraph include files (FGWin.inc or FGWinD.inc) under any circumstances.

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