Supported Compilers

You can use Fastgraph with any Win32 compiler or assembler that uses the same calling and naming conventions as the supported compilers. Mixed language programming is allowed where supported by the language translators and linker being used. Fastgraph supports the following Win32 compilers:

  • Borland C++ (version 5.0 or later)

  • Borland C++Builder (version 1.0 or later)

  • Borland Delphi (version 2.0 or later)

  • Microsoft Visual Basic (version 4.0 or later, 5.0 or later recommended for DirectX)

  • Microsoft Visual C++ (version 2.2 or later)

  • PowerBASIC PB/DLL (version 6.0 or later)

  • Symantec C++ (version 7.0 or later)

  • Watcom C/C++ (version 10.6 or later)

The listed version numbers are the compiler versions under which Fastgraph and its example programs have been tested. Fastgraph may or may not work with earlier versions of these compilers.

If you need to create Win16 programs for Windows 3.x, the Fastgraph 6.0 CD includes the 16-bit Fastgraph 5.02 distribution in the Win16 directory. Fastgraph 5.02 is the last version that provides Win16 support.

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