The 3D Geometry Pipeline

Here is an outline of the required and optional steps to display 3D objects with Fastgraph:

  1. Define a 3D viewport and projection ratio with fg_3Dviewport().

  2. Define 3D objects in object space and/or world space.

  3. Optionally define the 3D clipping limits with fg_3Dsetzclip().

  4. Optionally define the point of view (POV). If you do not do this, the POV will be at the 3D world space origin, looking straight down the positive z axis.

  5. Display each 3D object using Fastgraph's simplified or low-level 3D functions.

Steps 1 to 3 are typically done once at program startup, while steps 4 and 5 are typically done once per frame. The following sections will describe these steps in more detail.

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