Action Arcade Adventure Set
Diana Gruber

Action Arcade Adventure Set

This book was released in 1994, and despite a few online flames, it was enormously successful. In November of 1997, the publisher took it upon himself to declare the book "out of print" and shredded all the remaining copies. Without telling me. Thanks a lot, Keith.

What is presented here is my copy of the manuscript, which I believe matches closely with the final printed version. Unfortunately, the figures have been lost. In some cases I have tried to reconstruct them (by scanning them badly), but mostly I have let them remain lost.

As you read this book, keep in mind it is pretty old. Some of the opinions expressed in it are no longer relevant. In particular, size optimizations are not the issue they used to be. And I have come to believe programming in C++ is probably a pretty good idea. Marketing issues have changed considerably. And I do not believe low resolution DOS games will sell as well as Windows games in today's environment.

The discussion of non-violent computer games came from congressional hearings on the subject which were taking place at that time. This no longer seems to be the hot issue it once was.

If you can look past these obvious anachronisms, I think you will find this old book still contains a lot of useful information. To my knowledge, the art and science of creating side scroller games has never been documented quite as thoroughly any place else. While you will probably want to write your game engine to support modern technology, this book still provides a roadmap on how such engines are written. Use the ideas presented here, add information found elsewhere, do some independent research, and you will have a good foundation for writing modern computer games.

On the issue of technical support, I am sorry. I can not give you very much support on the material presented here. My mailbox is sometimes flooded with questions, and I simply don't have the time to answer them all. Questions such as "what compiler should I use?" should be directed to a programming newsgroup. Specific questions about Fastgraph should be directed to Ted Gruber at

Finally, I have tried to resist the urge to update the material presented here. This is the original text as submitted to the publisher. Occasionally I have added editorial notes, especially links to newer versions of shareware programs. These editorial notes are presented in green text. I have tried to keep them sparse.

Bookmark this page! It will take you more than one session to read this book.

Good luck with your game programming career.


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