3D Geometry System

Fastgraph's 3D geometry system lets you define and manipulate objects in 3D space. It features two 3D coordinate systems - world space and object space - and the ability to perspectively display or render objects defined in either space. The 3D geometry system also lets you specify the viewer's position and orientation in 3D world space.

Fastgraph's 3D geometry system is designed to use a left-handed 3D coordinate system. This means the screen is the x-y plane, with x increasing toward the right horizontally and y increasing toward the top vertically. The z axis increases into the screen, so a point whose z coordinate is 50 is twice as close to the origin as a point whose z coordinate is 100. The picture on the left shows a perspective view of a left-handed 3D coordinate system; the picture on the right shows a top-down view of that same coordinate system.

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