You can compile and link Delphi programs from the DOS command line or from the Delphi IDE. The following Fastgraph unit files are compatible with Delphi:


Win32 unit file


Win32 unit file with DirectX support

The FGWin or FGWinD unit name must appear in the program's uses statement. The Fastgraph unit files must reside in the current directory or in the Delphi LIB directory. If you're using the Delphi IDE, the unit files can also reside in one of the directories listed in the Unit Directories list box on the Directories/Conditionals page of the Project Options dialog box.

To build Fastgraph applications in the Delphi IDE, start the IDE as you would for any other Delphi project, making sure the Fastgraph unit files are in a directory that Delphi searches for unit files.

To compile a project from the DOS command line, use the DCC32 command:

DCC32 <dpr_file>

For more information about compiling Delphi programs, please refer to the Delphi User's Guide.

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