Microsoft Visual Basic

You must compile and link Visual Basic programs from the Visual Basic programming environment; command line compilation is not available. The following Fastgraph dynamic link libraries are compatible with Visual Basic:


Win32 dynamic link library


Win32 dynamic link library with DirectX support

To build Fastgraph applications in the Visual Basic programming environment, you must create a project that includes the name of each form and module used in the program. All Fastgraph Visual Basic projects must include either Fastgraph's native module (FGWin.bas) or DirectX module (FGWinD.bas). Refer to your Visual Basic manuals or on-line help for complete information about projects.

If you're using Visual Basic 5.0 or later, we recommend changing the palette-related form properties as follows:


None (this is the default)



These settings will provide better palette support for programs with child windows and cause no problems for single-window programs. Fastgraph works with Visual Basic 4.0, but we strongly recommend Visual Basic 5.0 or later if you are creating DirectX programs with Fastgraph.

When you distribute a Fastgraph application created with Visual Basic, you'll need to include the appropriate Fastgraph DLL (FGWVB32.DLL for native programs, or FGWVB32D.DLL for DirectX programs) as part of your program's distribution. Note that you may not distribute the Fastgraph module files (FGWin.bas or FGWinD.bas) under any circumstances.

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