Fastgraph for Windows is a set of functions you can use to write graphics applications.

Windows graphics programming has traditionally involved using the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) functions from the Windows Application Programming Interface (API). The GDI functions support other devices besides the video display, but the price of this generality is speed. This translates to the sluggish performance often associated with Windows graphics applications. Fastgraph solves this problem by providing a suite of more than 300 fast, hand-optimized assembly language graphics functions that operate on off-screen drawing surfaces called virtual buffers. The GDI only comes into play when transferring the virtual buffer contents to the client area of the application's window (this process is called blitting). Fastgraph also works with but does not require the DirectDraw and Direct3D components of Microsoft's DirectX. Fastgraph is an ideal development tool for entertainment and educational software, presentation graphics products, scientific and engineering applications, CAD/CAM, animation, or any 32-bit Windows application that demands robust graphics (a separate version of Fastgraph is available for the MS-DOS operating system).

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