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Quotes from Fastgraph Users

I consider your documentation to be outstanding, complete with example programs, code snippets for each language and plain English explanations of what each function does. If only Microsoft and Borland had documentation like yours, my life would be much simpler and less frustrating. Even your website is well organized no frills just facts, no pdfs to download and all that entails. Please keep up the good work. It is nice to know there are programmers out there that know how to produce good software. Lousy software is rampant today.
David Hooper

I would like to tell you how much I like the Fastgraph products. They have sure made design and coding a whole lot easier and have saved us considerable time in development of our products.
John Rider
Fischer Imaging Corporation

My game is nearing completion very quickly, with versions for Win16/32 and DirectX, both full-screen and windowed, with one set of source! And the best part is, I know next to NOTHING about Windows programming or DirectX! I don't have or want to! Just another chance to say thanks for a great product!
Greg N.

Your book is a great tutorial by the way -- I hope there are a lot of people who know about your library, it is really going to save me a lot of development time and give my boss the result he wants.
Sandra Duncan
Novell, Inc.

I was so impressed with your graphics library for DOS that I also purchased your Fastgraph for Windows. Again...I was equally impressed...Thanks for making DirectX something to use with less than four million structure types.
Dick Correa
TrinitySoft, Inc.

Fastgraph is an excellent's dramatically increased the speed of our application.
Lee Andrew
Queensland Rail

DirectX combined with Fastgraph 5.0 is a great combination. In a test program I was able to transfer an entire 640x480 background screen and blit 18 80x64 shapes over that each frame and was able to maintain a constant super-smooth 75 fps on a P133 (I can blit over 60 shapes at the same frame rate on a P333). Suffice it to say, I have more than enough graphics performance for [my] programs, which will allow me to add extra animation detail in future programs. Thanks for a great library!
David Alves

I want to say that your new Windows version of FG is really great...The compatibility is the best!!
Bachir Ghalayini
Paris, France

Just to mention: Your library is great! A big help for everyone who just wants to transform his ideas into visible results not bothering about the technical core stuff. You make people become creative!
Roman Werner

Been using your FG 5.0 for my latest product, and as always, it's great -- cutting development time by 2/3s or more.
Don Lemons

Your excellent support is why we keep coming back to you version after version.
Evan Schwartz
Locatha Industries, Inc.

I bought Fastgraph with source code to do an embedded project for my company. It turned out that I didn't need the source code after all - Fastgraph works more reliably than ever hinted in the advertisements. Having examined the source code in detail, I can say without reservation, that Fastgraph is a first-class piece of work. If they gave oscars for software, Ted Gruber would certainly head my list of nominees. In my unsolicited opinion, Fastgraph is a solid, well executed tool chest, without peer. Thank you, Ted.
Tom Farrand
Director of Engineering - Instructional Technology
Dukane Corporation

First I must say that working with fastgraph saved me to pay for a second programmer to help me getting my project run. So, in August 99 we will release our next Adventure Game on the worldwide market...What I like most, is that I don't have to handle with this complicated rules of Direct X programming.
Andreas Kunze
Toygardens Media
Hannover, Germany

My friend and I bought Fastgraph 4.0 some time ago; I've recieved FG bulletins now and again. The latest was of the release of the new Windows version of Fastgraph. My two programmer friends are sold on DirectX and Direct3D (mainly because of the 'easy' OOP design and whatnot). Going along with their opinions, I tossed out the information on the new FG release. However, I've changed my mind.

I realized a short while ago that I've had no problem at all with using FG functions in my code. I like them -- they work fine. Unless I'm mistaken, they are and will continue to be as compatible as Windows' own software, plus they lend themselves to theoretically more efficient code. If it's alright, please re-send the NFO and order form. I think I'd like to continue to use FG as I port my DOS game to Windows. Thank you.

Daniel Clarke

I've been purchasing every release of your Fastgraph package as each new one is out. It's a great product; there's nothing easier to use that I've seen. I've been a games programmer-designer since 1976.
Tim Hays

I was given the job of writing the first Babylon 5 computer game in five weeks. Never having written a Windows game before (all my other published work had been for DOS) I was able to write it, debug it and get it to the publisher in record time. It's a little game, but it's sold six thousand copies a month since its release last year. I used Fastgraph for Windows again for the first Lost In Space computer game. My development time was a tiny fraction of what it might have been.

I was so impressed with Fastgraph's ease of use, reliability and speed that we're using it again for our new CD-ROM adventure game, "THE ABYSS: INCIDENT AT EUROPA". It's the official CD-ROM adventure game sequel to the James Cameron movie, "The Abyss". Fastgraph for Windows is solid, predictable in its behavior and reliable, which is more than I can say for other third party libraries I've used in the past.

Gene Turnbow
Senior Programmer/Game Designer
Sound Source Interactive, Inc.

Way to take it to 'em Diana! I am only a novice programmer and have enjoyed using Fastgraph and other tools to help me learn game development, and the results have been pretty good. I always thought that in the hands of a professional these tools could REALLY do something spectacular...and those thoughts have been confirmed by several professional programmers I have established relationships with.

I was shocked to read the Game Developer article that lambasted such tools and made it sound as if only a two bit hack (like myself!) would get any use out of them! I appreciate the way you stood up for your EXCELLENT product and look forward to purchasing Fastgraph 5.0 as soon as I can afford it!! Thank you for your time and thanks for Action Arcade Adventure Set, it will help me realize my dreams!

Adam J. Lea

Your graphics library is the best. No question about it.
John Eric Miller

I must say that of the graphics libraries I own and have reviewed, the support and functionality of yours far exceeds the others. Thanks!

Howdy, just thought I would let you guys know I ported my 3500 line project from 32-bit DOS to 32-bit Windows in about a day and a half. This is after never programmed a single line in Windows before in my life.

Thanks a bunch for a wonderful product,

Dan Young

I think Fastgraph is a great tool and expect to use it a lot in the future.
Jacco Hoekstra, M.Sc.
Research Scientist
Flight Simulation Department
National Aerospace Laboratory
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just a quick note to express kudos on Fastgraph/Windows. I just finished porting a DOS game to Windows and, thanks to Fastgraph, the graphics conversion was a piece of cake! It practically wasn't an issue at all! There were a few Windows-specific details to overcome early on, sure, but they were trivial (mostly palette-related and some mouse stuff) and so much easier to solve with the help of FG. The rest of the graphics code needed no alteration. My compliments on an excellent product!

A loyal customer,

Dave Bollinger

I absolutely love it. FGW eliminates a lot of additional Windows coding as well as wasting your valuable time creating your own functions. I started out writing many code examples to learn Windows programming. What took me, sometimes an entire evening, or more, to write, one or two FGW functions did for me. Like the FG for DOS, the calls are well thought out and easy to use. Some of Windows API & GDI calls take literally hours to figure out.
John Simonson

It is always a pleasure to purchase a product or tool that is better than advertised. It is a double pleasure when you need that tool like a dead man needs a coffin and it does the job. UPS delivered the Fastgraph package at 4:00 PM yesterday. At 10:15 PM my presentation was ready to deliver. Your help was invaluable and the package is great. Thanks Much.
H. D. Standard
System Specialties

I want to thank you for all the kind help and support you both have given me when I call. It is nice to find a company that is so well operated. I know both of you have put in a lot of time and money to make such a great product. Your manual is also very good. It has allowed someone such as myself to learn a lot about computer graphics with little effort.
Dr. Kurt L. Bartelmehs fine product, indeed.
Leo Mercader

Fastgraph is my bible, it's the best graphic library that I found.
Flavio Rodriguez

I want to tell you that Fastgraph is a very wonderful product!
Eric Kuo

I still haven't found a better product than Fastgraph to create eye-popping user interfaces or write cool fast arcade games!
Phillip Beaver

I have received my copy of Fastgraph for Windows. Thank you - never have I seen software as powerful and, as importantly, intuitive as this.
Tristen Ennemuist
Big Pond Software

I couldn't ask for a better graphics kit or better support!
Larry Athey

The more I think about FG, the more I'm totally impressed. When you consider that you have addressed the needs of zillions of programmers, each in their own favorite language/programming environment, that's just great!
Jeff Napier

First of all I'd like to say that you've made a great piece of software! I'm working on a project which needs streaming video, and Fastgraph helped me beyond belief. (From 3 seconds per *1* frame to more than 10 frames per second).
Amitai Rottem

Thanks for such a great package! Very impressive... it has already saved me months of effort and made a client very happy!
Jeff Panici

Thank you for the fix, it worked as your email discussed. I appreciate the support, and I note (again) that your company has done a very good job of supporting my software efforts. It's rare that I can find vendors where knowledgeable, courteous and helpful people can be accessed by phone, bugs are fixed, and updates are quick in the making. Thanks again,
David Dilworth

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