programmer's graphics library


The Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows help file contains all the Fastgraph documentation, including the User's Guide, Reference Manual, and example programs. Click here to download FGW60HLP.ZIP (1.6MB zipped).

If you want to read the Fastgraph manual online, click here.

The Fastgraph 6.0 3D Tutorial can be found here. Check this out if you are having trouble getting started with 3D programming.

A description of what's new in Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows can be found here.

A quick reference list of the functions in Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows be found here.

The complete Fastgraph 6.0 User's Guide and Reference Manual are available here. These two manuals are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and total approximately 1100 pages (2.3MB zipped).


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